MSPWorx by Fully Managed is partnering with ServiceNow® reps to deliver a win-win scenario.

As a ServiceNow representative you know the power of your solution.  You also know that the platform has traditionally been outside the reach of some organizations.   That's where a partnership with MSPWorx makes sense.  We can help you specifically on two fronts:
  1. Closing business you couldn't before is now possible thanks to our GrandCentral ServiceNow-as-a-Service platform that allows you to sell license numbers of ALL shapes and sizes; and
  2. Satisfying (and therefore retaining) existing customers who may not have fully implemented or kept up with their ServiceNow implementation.

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More reasons to choose MSPWorx as your ServiceNow® Quota Assistant

  1. We can help you sell ServiceNow® in an ‘As-AService’ model for clients that do not fit into the traditional license scheme or meet the minimum licenses
  2. If we help you close a deal on our GrandCentral platform you receive the quota relief as per our arrangement with ServiceNow®
  3. MSPWorx can sell a license pack as small as 5 licenses and can scale to hundreds
  4. We can turn on the instance in 3 weeks and have full access to the ITSM platform
  5. Ideal for prospects in your pipeline that cannot afford the full ServiceNow® platform
  6. Only $15,000 to implement and $110 per license
  7. ITSM, ITOM, CSM and ITBM available
  8. We specialize in organizations with 1000-5000 employees
  9. We offer Remote System Administration along with seamless onboarding – even if we didn’t onboard a client, we offer customized support as your Sys Admin
  10. We help our customers get the most from ServiceNow® – we deliver a fully managed ITSM platform!